Troubleshooting CEM/COM systems, process monitor maintenance, and CEMS quality control programs require specialized expertise. If you perform some part or all of your CEM/COM or process monitor maintenance routines in-house, you may wish to strengthen your in-house capabilities using the expertise of CEMLogic. Our on-site training programs begin in a “classroom” and include slide presentations to show your employees the relationship between various parts of the system. Understanding the macro-level functioning of the system is requisite to developing effective troubleshooting skills. It also highlights the reasons for specific preventative maintenance steps, showing how strict adherence to quality control procedures protects the functioning of the system and the integrity of data produced by the systems. Experience shows that employees who understand the “why’s” are more apt to reliably perform these procedures.

Classroom training is followed by hands-on training with the system. Employees are taught to identify sample flows and system inputs/outputs. Employees are taught how to use preventative maintenance checklists to ensure the health of the system on a daily and weekly basis, as well as how to perform manual calibrations, hone troubleshooting skills and perform routine maintenance. Sessions end with the employees being posed a series of hypothetical CEM alarms, and is challenged to show the steps they would take to determine the cause and the cure for the problem.