Federal and state regulations impose quality control and quality assurance obligations upon the operators of CEM and COM systems. Quality Control Plans must be in place and are subject to review by government auditors. “Cookie cutter” quality control plans often fail to address the elements required by such authorities. Moreover, they fail to address the real needs of the CEM/COM system and the organization responsible for ensuring its proper operation.

CEMLogic has vast experience in all aspects of Quality Assurance and Quality Control for CEM/COM systems. We tailor QA/QC procedures to fit the unique aspects of each CEM/COM system, providing you with procedures that ensure the proper operation of your system. We have provided scores of plans addressing such regulations as:

  • 40 CFR 60 Appendix F – QA/QC Plans
  • 40 CFR 75 Appendix B – QA/QC Plans
  • 40 CFR 266 Appendix IX – QA/QC Plans
  • 40 CFR 503, Subpart E – QA/QC Plans