• Do you have doubts about the reliability of data provided by your CEMS or COM system?
  • Do your analyzers seem to go out for repair more often than they should?
  • Is data availability or downtime a problem?
  • Are costs of maintaining your CEMS higher than your budget can afford?
  • Do certain problems with your CEMS seem to be repetitive?
  • Is keeping data availability above minimums a monthly combat exercise?

If your answer to any of the above questions is “yes” (or maybe!), you should consider CEMLogic’s preventative maintenance program.

Our decades of experience in designing, installing, repairing, troubleshooting and maintaining CEM systems gives us the edge. We detect potential issues before they grow into real problems. Our preventative maintenance programs encompass every aspect of the CEM system, from sample probe to data report. Our detailed knowledge of how each sub-system interacts enables us to zero in on the weaknesses of the system. We keep the sub-systems healthy and properly maintained.

Newer customers express surprise at how quickly we troubleshoot problems with their CEM systems. Established customers express relief at how few problems arise after engaging the preventative maintenance services of CEMLogic.

We prepare QA/QC Plans and recommend a low cost spare parts inventory for the system. Spare parts are installed as needed to ensure continuous operation. We keep an eye out for low-cost upgrades and recommend modifications to improve system performance and increase data availability. We guarantee the reliability of your CEMS system and the data it produces. Our goal is your goal: to prevent system downtime.